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The Precious Mirror of Oriental Medicine(Dong-eui-bo-gam)

The Precious Mirror of Oriental Medicine is medical compilation considered one of the classics in Oriental Medicine in China and Japan as well as Korea. It was compiled and written by Royal Doctor Ho Jun(許浚) in obedience to King Seonjo from 1596 to 1661, and first published in 1613. The work is medical encyclopedia composed of five parts : the internal organs(6 vol.) ; the external body(4 vols.) ; various diseases(11 vol.) ; the herb(3 vol.) ; acupuncture and moxibustion(1 vol.). The contents were taken from the Chinese and Korean classics but were modified to meet the needs of the Korean people. The title ‘Dong-eui-bo-gam’, literally “Precious Mirror of Oriental Medicine”, reflects the author’s desire to distinguish Korean medicine from that of the West or China.

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The Mirror of Oriental Medicine demonstrates the excellence of Korean Traditional heritage. This work is a fundamental reference for studies of Korean Medicine, pharmacy, biology, philosophy, however, due to the difficulty of the Chinese characters and the enormous length of the text, the general reader has had great inconvenience in dealing with the work.  Due to the efforts of Bogeonbu-Dongeuiwon(보건부동의원) of North Korea and Ryogang Publishing Co. (Republic of Korea) which translated this work into Korean and Ezmeta Corp. which revised this translation, recorded the original works, tagging the context meaning words and constructed the database, the work become easily accessible to anyone by world wide web. This massive work,  composed of translation, original text and original manuscripts, has been compiled, fullly indexed, tagged with disease-prescriptions-herb etc. making it simple to search and browse the entire text for specific information. The Gems of Korean Medicine is now at your fingertips.

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